Inventory Sale: Canvas Wraps and Metal Prints

Usually, a canvas wrap or metal print is created after you order it. It takes a few days but there is no inventory for me to store. I should only have wall calendars on hand as I do not have a lot of storage space. However, over the years I went to a few holiday and art shows where I needed prints and realized that I actually do have an inventory on hand that takes up too much vital space in my office area.
I am now letting these go at a great price. They all look beautiful and are ready to hang for you to enjoy.
All canvas wraps and metal prints can be signed by me at lower left/right corner area with a metallic pen if requested. I live in Colorado Springs so we can meet up and save the shipping cost and time. All prices plus applicable sales tax.

Colorado Springs Area: We can meet in town and you can either pay with cash or a credit card (I have a secure chip reader).

Continental USA: You can pay securely with a credit card. Shipping will be $25 for each canvas or metal print.

Details like size and border type / Photo of online image / photo of canvas front back and edge / price and maybe add to cart. 
Price figured out earlier Plus applicable sales tax!
Two price shopping cart local plus sales tax and no pickup with possible sales tax and shipping charge
Even cash price with sales tax included to make it easier? 





Size, Border Style

20 x 30 $80

24 x 36 $120



20 x 30 $160

24 x 36 $200